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Dr. Rani Whitfield, a family medicine practitioner, has used hip hop music and motivational speaking to impact health and social issues for more than two decades, but he is breaking new ground as a children’s book author.

RJ Did It! is a heartwarming exploration of the parenting journey, spotlighting the milestones achieved by a spirited young son, R.J. Through engaging rhymes, it captures R.J.’s development as he acquires essential life skills.

This touching narrative not only commemorates R.J.’s accomplishments but also paints a vivid portrait of the enduring family bond, making it a must-read for families everywhere.

“I’m hoping that some kid in Nebraska who doesn’t know R.J. will get a hold of this book and see both a cool kid and book and will be inspired by some of the things covered in here,” Whitfield said.  “First, I want to instill a love for reading and then encourage responsibility – helping around the home – and some health initiatives like dental hygiene and handwashing. These are important steps of the development for young people.”